I don’t think the service is trustworthy enough…

The service like ours should be trustworthy and as a customer, you have a right to be worried before letting someone else take care of your pet. Host My Pet team consists of pet owners so we totally understand this kind of concern! That is why we are verifying each pet sitter application carefully, and for example, we do not accept people as pet sitters who only want to make money. At the moment the verification steps are the following:

– Each pet sitter application is reviewed manually by our team. During the application process, we do random calls and verify the information given to us.

– In the registration process, we ask to fill in bank card information which helps with the identification

– Reviewing system – pet owners give their own evaluation after the pet hosting. Growing our community helps to get more reviews.

We have hundreds of pet sitters registered at Host My Pet and we encourage the users to “meet and greet” before booking any kind of service.

We also provide 24/7 customer support and we are always here to help you. In case of a possible emergency, pet sitter contacts us and we will direct him or her to the nearest vet. There is always a tiny concern even when you leave your pet to your family or friends. Our aim is to minimize all the possible concerns by maximizing the access to qualified sitters in our service.